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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Although same people have insisted on the fact that they have never met or even kidnapped by ALIENS who are very common in the EARTH, astronomers did not find evidence of life elsewhere in the UNIVERSE other than on EARTH. But still looking or rather hear. EARTH emits radio signals into space since 1920 when radio broadcasting began. Thus, the news about everthing ( WORLD WAR II, etc ) thats is distributed in the whole UNIVERSE. Because radio waves can penetrate the void spaces, and radio waves travel at the same speed as light. So now the first radio broadcasts will reach a place in the space with a distance of more than 80 years of light. In theory, there are enough stars whit planets can be habitable, whitin a radius of them. Or maybe ALIENS follow our broadcasts, but did not despond at all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'M OUT OF LUCK AGAIN...............

A dull night to observe the night sky. To observe a meteor shower that occured in the constellation GEMINI, but the result is zero.This is because the sky was overcast in my village, and to obsrve more of waitingfor next year. But this is interest in ASTRONOMY, but how else it does not support. And i was tired of waking up every sky is always overcast. And now it's over the top a meteor shower ( Dec 14, 2009 ). Month of December is the rainy season and Indonesia entered the rainy season, and i certanly can not blame the rainy season. ASTRONOMY is raelly a waste of time. For more information, please read the blog :

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

THIS LIFE................

Sometimes life is difficult and sometimes easier when we are grateful that God has given to us. I remembered my friend who works, may say is still good in my work than my friend's work. But my friend did not complain any economic situation. My friends even dared to marry only with the capital which, according to others still less to live together. I even did not dare to marry, citing lack of capital, or I have been plagued capitalist nature that have been rampant up to all my body, so I am not grateful for the favors of the god who gave it to me ??????? because the problem often makes me less interested in getting married at a very young age ...........

Saturday, August 15, 2009


One of the efforts made by many people to make well-preserved body is through detoxification. In addition to the body, mind detoxification also need to do to remain ageless. And the most effective way to remove the poison of the mind is always thinking positive, including:

1. It's nice to rid the people happy or sad the people happy. are the thoughts that are negative to other people. Thus, the pleasure to see people happy, and sad to see people hard.

2. Receive information positive. Reduce TV viewing like Buser, SERGAP, TKP, and other programs that contain Tragedy, oppression, abuse, and so forth. Better see the events RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE, honesty, or the program contains CINTA KASIH.

3. Do not think something is missing from life but enjoy everything that there is at this time.

4. Certain storm passed. So, that behind the mishap certainly have a hidden wisdom.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


To commemorate the Day of Independence to the Republic of Indonesia-64, blogdetik a writing competition with the theme MERAH PUTIH INDONESIAKU. And you can be told about Indonesia from various perspectives. But must use the language of Indonesia. Posting must be original and have never been published, And very cool gift. For information click here. But this is specific to the user blogdetik. Since this program took place on 3 August 2009 until 3 September 2009. And the winner on 11 September 2009.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Affiliate program is a program organized by the products in which all the Affiliate will receive a link affiliatenya each, which will be used to promote products and Website owners get a commission from each sale of product sales that occur through the affiliate link. When you are in an Affiliate program, you are Referred to as the Affiliate. and to join in an Affiliate program is free. You do not pay anything for the Affiliate program. Free to start, or stop, or move to another Affiliate program. And the amount of Revenue can be only based on sales that occur through your Affiliate link. Not easy to follow.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


 If you want to make money through the internet but do not have any products to be marketed, do not worry in many ways. Among you must have an account at PayPal. after you log in, you see under your own Refferals have any posts and any posts that just click. After that you just copy kide provided, and live only copy you upload the code somewhere to your Website or Blog to you. Or you can just click on the PayPal blog left me alone. Then anyone who you recommend and participate refferals PayPal transaction via PayPal you will be able to commission of 0.5% of the money comes in, not easy.